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Not Making a Choice is a Choice

Not making a choice is a choice. Letting things happen by default is a choice. If we choose to give up our right to make a choice - we have made a choice. We always have choices, even if we do not like the ones available. Not liking a choice does not mean we do not have a choice. We are constantly presented with choices. Everyday we make hundreds of them, some small, some large, and some life changing. Each choice that we make shapes our lives and determines what other choices will be available to us.

I remember when a therapist introduced me to the concept of not choosing. I thought she was nuts. After all, if I did not choose, then anything that happened was not my fault. It took years for me to understand that when we don't make a choice and we simply let things happen, or we let others make our choices for us, we have given up our personal power. At times it can feel freeing to give others the opportunity to choose for us. After all, if they chose it is their responsibility, right? Wrong. Giving up the right to choose does not mean we give up responsibly. We are still responsible, even if we choose to be irresponsible.

At times, the only choice we have is to choose our attitude and how we will respond. These choices are powerful because they allow us the power to stay in control of the internal even if we cannot control the external. Choice is a conscience response. That response is compelling because it allows us to make choices over how we will act in any given moment. When we choose our responses, we decrease the number of times we will regret doing something that we felt we were forced to do.

Not making a choice can be a dangerous choice. When we decide not to choose, we decide to give our personal power away. We give our power away either to a person or situation. Making a choice, even if it is only how we will respond to a situation, allows us to maintain our personal power.

Making choices, and being mindful of our choices, is important because it not only helps us maintain our personal power, but also to take responsibility for the outcome. By taking responsibility, we remove ourselves from the role of victim. Being a victim is a weak position to be in and removes choices we may otherwise have. To claim our personal power, we must make choices and accept the responsibility for those choices.

Make a choice; even a poor choice is better than no choice at all.

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