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How To Make A Graceful Exit

Given the mobility of today's workforce, it can be assumed that, at one time or another, we will all leave a job. Regardless, if our departure is voluntary, or forced, or we are leaving because we can't stand the job or the boss anymore, there is certain decorum to follow. I once worked with a gentleman who was fired. When he realized what was happening, he trashed his office and yelled out obscenities as he was escorted out of the building. A few days after his departure he called me and wanted to know if I would provide a reference for him. Based on his departure, I could not recommend him.

When leaving a job, keep in mind that you never know when you will meet up with these people again. My experience is it can be a small world. We never know whom we might work with again or whom we might need to ask for a reference. Before you burn any of your bridges, think about the consequences. If you won't need any support or help in the future, that is one thing. However, if you want to maintain a strong reputation and a sense of integrity, the best thing to do is be polite and leave.

Resist the urge to trash your boss, the company, or your co-workers in an exit interview. Be honest, you don't have to paint a rosy picture where there wasn't one. However, you can express your concerns and share your experiences without doing any character assassinations.

Depending on the reason for leaving, you might feel like you want revenge. Don't waste your time. The best revenge is moving on with your life and being a success.

It might be tempting to let the boss have it on the last day or tell our co-workers exactly what we think of the boss. We might feel justified in taking a souvenir or two like a copier or the computer from our soon to be former desk. Resist the urge and just leave. Telling the boss off or creating havoc as you leave is only going to reflect badly on you. No matter what the situation, you will benefit by just leaving and moving on with your life. Save your energy for when it will be the most beneficial to you like on your new job.

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