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Create a Theme for the Year - Worksheet


Having a theme for the year is helpful because it provides a focus.
What we focus on expands!

To create a theme, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What would I like to focus on this year
  • Why is this important to me?
  • How does this fit with my values?
  • How does this theme support my mission, vision and purpose?
  • How will I be different at the end of the year by choosing this theme?

Step 2:

Now that you know why this theme is important and how it supports you in creating what you want, it's time to think of a catchy sentence that captures the essence of the theme. It needs to be something that is easy to remember and compelling.


  • 2009 - The year of creativity
  • 2009 - The year of financial freedom forevermore
  • 2009 - The year of health and wellbeing
  • 2009 - The year to find work that I love

You get the notion. Say in one sentence what you will focus on this year. This doesn't mean that this will be the only thing you will accomplish this year, but this is the big rock. Get this in and the other things are more likely to follow.

What is your theme?

Step 3:

Now that you have your theme and have articulated it in a sentence, make a poster of it. This could be as easy as writing your theme on a piece of paper. After you have it written down, post it where you will see it often. Also, write it in your calendar or diary, put it on your computer screen saver, whatever you need to do so that you will see it often and be reminded of your focus.

Happy New You!

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