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The Seven Steps to Goal Attainment

1. Specific - Goals must be specific. Saying you want to earn more money isn't enough. How much more money do you want to earn?

2. Measurable - Goals must be measurable. If the goal is not measurable, how will you know you obtained it? When you state how much money you want to make, you now have something to measure and will know when you obtain it.

3. Take Action - In order to reach the goal you must be willing, able, and ready to take action. Without consistent and persistent action, the goal will not be realized.

4. Reachable - Goals should be a stretch, but still reachable. If the goal is out of reach, it will be de-motivating. A 56 year old man who has no political experience who wants to set a goal of being President of the United States in the next five years is setting a goal that is not reachable. However, setting a goal for more political involvement such as running for local office or working on a political campaign is reachable.

5. Time bound - To make a goal compelling, it must be time bound. The question to ask when setting goals is "By When." The time can always be adjusted, but having a date provides a deadline to work towards and is motivating.

6. Desire - There must be a deep desire to achieve the goal. Without desire, you will not be compelled to reach your goals.

7. Write it down - Goals that are written down are more likely to be achieved. There is power when the pen hits the paper.

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