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How To Be A Brownnoser

Unfortunately, people who contribute more than the minimum and are willing to go beyond the average in a company are often labeled "brownnosers." Traits, such as doing a great job and getting along well with the boss, are often labeled as brownnosing. There are ways to advance your career by brownnosing without stepping on or hurting others.

Tips for being a brownnoser:

Figure out what the boss wants and then do it. As long as it is not illegal or unethical, pleasing the boss is part of the job. Pleasing the boss is in line with advancing the interest of the company and the purpose for which employees are hired in the first place.

A brownnoser is seen as "sucking up" or being a sycophant. A brownnoser is insincere and simply does whatever it takes to look good. I advise saying and doing that which makes you comfortable and is within your sense of integrity. Acts meant to inflate the boss's ego will backfire. Most people can see through insincerity and they are not impressed by it.

Never put other people down in order to build yourself up. Stepping on others to get ahead is a dangerous game. In today's changing environment, we never know who our next manager will be or whom we will work for later. The person we accused of being such an incompetent fool to so many others might one day be the boss.

There is nothing wrong with doing a great job and supporting upper management. Often, those who label others as brownnosers are jealous and insecure. Instead of focusing on improving their own performance, they focus on criticizing those who are doing the best job possible. It can be difficult to stand out and not be part of the crowd. However, what others think isn't as important as what we think about ourselves and what the bosses think. As long as we are comfortable and stay in integrity, there is nothing wrong with being the best you can be.

A brownnoser is often seen as someone who does a great job and works to please the boss. As long as we do the best we can without causing injury to others, there is nothing wrong with being a star employee.

Brownnosing by definition is about being insincere and manipulative. Actions done for the wrong intentions will backfire at some point. If our intentions are simply to do our best at the job we were hired to do, then we are simply fulfilling our role as valuable employees. Don't let others limit your potential with their limited vision and unwillingness to do their best.

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