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Rediscovering The Meaningful Conversation

The meaningful conversation has become somewhat of a lost art. In this over-accelerated world that we live in, there are times when we speed right by the opportunity to have a meaningful conversation and, instead, talk about the weather and other meaningless events. The e-discussion has replaced the in-person conversation and reality TV has become a surrogate for discussing our own realties. The good news is that the meaningful conversation is making a comeback. People are beginning to acknowledge the need for human interaction, the kind that forms a deeper connection with people.

Having a meaningful conversation is achieved through dialogue. A dialogue is a meaningful conversation that touches the deeper dimensions of those engaged in the exchange. Creating a meaningful dialogue requires that we employ generous listening and suspended judgment. During a dialogue we listen as much with our hearts as we do with our ears. We hear not only what the person is saying, but also what they are not saying. Having a meaningful conversation through dialogue evokes the best that people have to offer.

Not every conversation we have has to be meaningful, but the more that are the better. When we begin to practice the art of meaningful conversation, the less we are willing to have superficial conversations. Having a real heart connection with those that mean the most to us is rewarding in many ways, not the least is that meaningful conversations will make a difference to us as well as to those we have the conversation with.

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