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Rachelle's Resources

Articles, Suggested Reading and Quotes

Welcome to the resource section. Here you will find personal growth and self development articles, worksheets, assessments, quotes (all Coach Lee quotes) and other items of value.

You have permission to reprint these articles in your own newsletter or e-zine as long as you leave the article intact and include the copyright information and byline of Coach Lee.

Don't Settle - Settle for less than you want and you get less than you deserve

The Spectacular You - How would you describe yourself? Here's how!

Don't be Jealous - be Inspired - Let others motivate you to exceed their accomplishments

Everyone Needs a BAG - If you are going to dream, dream big. Grab your BAG and go.

Commit to doing 80% - Can't be perfect, go for 80%

Obsessive Focus - The key to achieving anything

With Choice comes Responsibility - Every choice you make creates your future

Make Choices not Excuses

A Sign or Just a Rainbow - Is a sign really special meant just for us or an everyday happenstance that means whatever we like?

He Done His Damnedest - What epitaph sums up your life?

Confess or Wait and Get Caught? - Is a confession an expression for doing wrong or is it sorrow for getting caught?

Superstition is Magical Thinking - Use a superstition to create magical thinking

Unstoppable - Nothing can prevent you from achieving your goal with the right mindset

Think Before You Type - Once it is in writing it is there for the world to see forever

The Question of Loyalty - Loyalty is a symbiotic relationship based on mutual benefit

When Bad Hair Happens To Good People

Once Can Be Enough - There may be many things we would like to experience in our lives, but for some experiences, once is enough

Tweak Versus Major Change - Sometimes a small adjustment is all that it takes to open doors of opportunity

If You Can't Do A Lot, Do A Little - Every little bit helps

Change Is Wonderful And It Can Be Frustrating - Change is a wonderful thing, but the process is the challenge

Walk Away from the Problem - Just fight the important battles

You Have The Right To Change Your Mind - despite pressure others may exert for you to go along

Surmountable - No problem can be solved until it is seen as surmountable

Recommit - The art of not giving up

Allow Time For Germination - Plant the seed of an idea and let it grow

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