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Rachelle's Resources

Articles, Suggested Reading and Quotes

Welcome to the resource section. Here you will find personal growth and self development articles, worksheets, assessments, quotes (all Coach Lee quotes) and other items of value.

You have permission to reprint these articles in your own newsletter or e-zine as long as you leave the article intact and include the copyright information and byline of Coach Lee.

Don't Quash Exuberance - Let yourself and others feel the excitement of life

Don't argue - Ask questions - The art of creating winning outcomes for everyone involved

Make Procrastination Work for You - Taping into the true gift of procrastination - delaying

Burn the Ships - An effective way to achieve goals is to eliminate all possibility of retreat

Start with a Baseline - Making changes in your life is great as long as you know where you are to start with

People Do Business With People They Know, Like, And Trust - Networking is an art

Just Ask - Ask and you shall receive, but you have to ask

Nothing Is Ever 'Off The Record' - Don't ever assume your comments are private

What I Learned from Buddy - Accept others as they are

How to Stay Out of Jail - Three Steps to Help You Think Clearly and Avoid the Mistakes of the Rich and Famous Jail Birds

I want it and I'll have it – The key to getting whatever you want is believing you can have it

Create your Perfect Day – When you know exactly what you want it is very easy to create it

It Could Happen – You never know what is possible until you try

What's in it from me - How to give to receive

Things Aren't Going Wrong - Things Are Just Going - Life is going in the direction of your choices

An Opportunity To Rebuild - The Important Thing Isn't What Happens to you but What you do with what Happens to You

What You Talk About Comes About - Words are things pick the good ones

Why Worry - What will happen will happen whether you worry or not

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