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Attention Professionals and Entrepreneurs who are ready to take action and achieve greater success than ever before

"Take The Shortcut To Success With

Life Coach Rachelle Disbennett Lee

and the Daily Action Success Coaching Process."


Hi, I'm Coach Lee,

Most people know that daily action is the way to success, but they are not sure what action to take or when. They also don't have the support and encouragement needed to achieve. Now you do!

This isn't your standard cookie-cutter coaching program. You get intensive, customized assistance. I will spend a lot of time giving you one-on-one help so you can achieve your goals.

You are ready for coaching with me if at least one of the following describes you:

• You have set goals in the past and haven’t reached them.

• You know what to do but, for whatever, reason you are not doing it.

• You are on the path to reaching your goals, but you want to make sure you stay focused and balanced while reaching your goals.

• You understand the power of partnership and want someone to be with you on this journey so you can go further than ever before.

If any one of the above apply, and

You are committed to spending the next six months to focus on and take action towards what you really want, then we are ready to get started.



Considering using a coach?

I chose to work with Coach Lee because I felt as if I would perish if I did not do something about the gnawing feeling in my gut that kept telling me that I was not content in my working life. I have a fine job with good benefits and more flexibility than most, but it left me bored and exhausted daily. I knew deep down that I needed to find passion in my work or work toward a passion or love my work—I’d read enough self-help books to figure that part out. Okay, find your passion and do it! Easier said than done. Books are good, but they cannot make you accountable to yourself the way a real person can. Friends are nice to talk to, but they are not necessarily objective. They don’t want to just talk about you and your career-for hours! Family, well they are family, and if you are struggling with the same things that I do, then it’s probably due much to how you were raised and what your family’s beliefs are about working your dream vs. just working and making ends meet. They can be dream squishers because they want to protect you from the unknown. A life coach that you like and trust is a good choice.

Coach Lee helped me realize that change takes time and that I really can trust myself to take care of myself. That was a huge awaking to me. I have never let myself or my children go hungry, or not have a place to live. Why would I now? I can make small changes without the risk of catastrophic failure! She also helped me to narrow down all my endless options into a single goal to move toward. I have started my own business and it has already replaced the sick feeling in my stomach with one of fire and motivation. I am still working the job that bores me for the time being, but there is a plan in place and an ever-evolving, passion-filled future to look forward to. I am excited every day even if all I do toward my goal is one tiny thing. I highly recommend Coach Lee to anyone in search of coaching. I truly believe that on a certain level she helped me to save my life.

Helen Bartley
Van Couver, Washington



With My VIP Daily Action Success Program You'll Have My Total Support, Receive My Best Advice, and Be Able to Contact Me Whenever You Need!

This 6-month program is for people who are willing to have what they want in their life. In this program, we schedule three 45-minute calls per month, one per week, to get you on track and speeding through the process of achieving your goals. I roll up my sleeves and get in the trenches with you and give you the crucial tools and the feedback you'll need to get moving quickly. In addition, I am also available to you by phone or e-mail whenever you need me, to help you work through an issue or when you need encouragement.

What kind of results can you expect?

To be honest, I don't know. I'm not going to promise you the moon, but take a look at the following results I've helped clients achieve.

• A CFO of a large corporation that was having a challenge communicating with the President and the Board of Directors requested my assistance. I worked with the CFO on his communication style helping him to see areas of weakness and how he could communicate more powerfully with the President and the Board. Within three months of coaching, the CFO was receiving compliments on his direct and clear communication style.

• A single mother of two wanted to start her own business. She needed to have a steady income but wasn’t satisfied with her job. Through coaching, she rediscovered her passion and started a part-time business in her home. She is now working towards being full-time in her business and is happier than she has been in years.

• A stay at home mom wanted to go back to college to get her degree, but wasn’t receiving support or encouragement from her family. With support and encouragement from my coaching, she went back to school and not only obtained her bachelors degree but continued on to receive her Masters Degree. She now has a part-time job doing what she loves and enjoys being with her family even more.

• A president of a large international corporation was achieving great success but lacked confidence and had difficulty delegating to his staff. Through coaching he became more assured and confident in his abilities and began to delegate responsibilities in order to develop his staff and free himself to focus on the most important aspects of the company. Through coaching, his true passion and career aspirations were uncovered and he left the company to head a start up company that provided more challenge and a great learning opportunity.

• The Principle of a Law Firm hired me to coach him to grow him business. The law firm was already extremely successful. Through coaching it was discovered that he truly didn’t want to be a lawyer but instead desired to be a College Professor. After six months of coaching he sold the Law Firm and became a Law Professor.

I have coached people through:

  • Career Transition
  • Job Loss
  • Change in marital status
  • Starting a new business
  • Selling a business
  • Relocation
  • Having children/Children leaving home

My coaching includes support for:

• Creating a supportive environment that allows for greater success

• Learning to take the daily action that assists in achieving goals

• Creating more free time to do more of what is important

• Increasing the level of self-care

This is a personal, one-on-one coaching program. Here’s a brief overview of how you will benefit from the VIP Daily Action Coaching Program.

• You’ll work personally with me to reach your goals. We will set regular times to talk on the phone, but you can contact me at anytime. If you have a question between scheduled calls, have a concern or just need to talk something over with me, you can give me a quick call, send me an e-mail or fax me.

• You’ll get honest feedback and direction. My priority is supporting you in reaching your goals and I’m not going to tiptoe around the issues. You are going to get direct feedback, advice and powerful listening that will support you in moving forward and achieving success.

• The next step is to contact me either by e-mail or telephone to set up a get acquainted session. In this session we will discuss your goals and how I might assist you in achieving them.

Take Action Now!

Coach Rachelle Disbennett Lee
The Action Advocate

PS – This program is designed to assist you in manifesting your goals. If you are ready to take the plunge, fill out the application and send it to me right now.

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