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Who I work with

Since 1996, I have been working with busy professionals and entrepreneurs helping them increase productivity while staying sane and balanced. My clients are looking for an action oriented approach. Clients come to me not only to support them in their careers and businesses, but to help them balance their personal lives as well.

In the last twelve years, I have worked with Lawyers, Health Care Professionals, Accountants, Real Estate Agents and Financial Planners supporting them in taking the right actions at the right time to leverage their success. These clients were looking for a coach that would:

  • provide accountability
  • be a sounding board
  • point out blind spots
  • help create a success plan
  • help them clarify their purpose, mission and vision
  • would help them work smarter, make more money and have more fun

My clients also include entrepreneurs who are running one-person businesses to large enterprises of 1,000 people. These clients were looking for a coach that would:

  • help balance their personal and professional lives
  • create strong boundaries
  • assist in helping them make the time for more time off
  • learn to delegate
  • increase profits and decrease the number of hours they work

There are overlaps, of course, and there are also some commonalities I notice with my clients. They are already successful, healthy and well adjusted people. There is nothing seriously wrong with their lives. They simply have come to a point where they need and want to make some changes and they don’t want to do it alone.

For some of my clients, these changes are just part of the natural process that occur in life. However, some of my clients have had experiences that force the change such as a lost job, divorce, death of a partner or family member, children being born or leaving the nest, or even a life-threatening event that made them take notice.

Whatever got them to coaching, one thing is for sure they are ready and willing to take the action needed to make the changes.

If you are a busy professional or entrepreneur that has come to the fork in the road and is ready to take the actions necessary to make changes in your life I can help you. Give me a call (720-352-6980) or e-mail me at and set up a complimentary coaching session. In this 30-minute session I will support you in creating an action plan for your success. We will also determine if I am the best coach for you. There is no obligation as it is important to me that we are a good fit and that you are ready to make the commitment to change.

Before you call me why don’t you download my free report, The Power of Daily Action – How to Increase Your Health, Wealth and Happiness Through the Power of Daily Action. Once you have read through the report give me a call (720-352-6980) or e-mail me at and set up your complimentary coaching session.

What I know to be true is if you don’t take action nothing in your life will change. Make today the day you take the action necessary to create the life you crave.

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