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Yes! You can say No

It is perfectly okay to say, "No." You have permission. Many people don't like to disappoint others by saying, "No." They will tend to acquiesce even when overloaded. Some will agree when it is not in their best interest just to be accommodating.

When we decline a request, we don't have to go into a long explanation. Just say, "No." Be direct, be polite and don't apologize. It is okay to say "No" and it is all right not to have a reason.

Saying "No" to things you do not want to do is a form of self-care. By saying "No" to the things that you do not want to do makes time for the things that you do want to do.

Just say, "No" so that you can say, "Yes" to the things you really want to do. For every "Yes" you say, you are saying "No" to something else. When you say, "Yes" to something you don't want to do, you actually say, "No" to what you do what to do. Remember, this is your life. Do you want to spend it doing things you don't want to do or by doing what brings you joy, happiness and contributes to your overall satisfaction.

Practice saying, "No" today. See how it feels not to commit to things you do not want to do and leave space for things you do want in your life.

How good are you at saying, "No?"

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