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Stick With It

One of the problems with change is the challenge of sticking with it. Diets, exercise, looking for a new job or any life change requires sticking with it. Creating change requires time and commitment. The trick is to be committed to giving yourself time to let the change take hold and become routine.

The ability to stick with it comes from wanting the change more than wanting not to change. That may sound strange, but there are times when we want to stay the same, but aren't willing to admit it. To stick with it, there has to be a deep desire, the willingness to do what it takes, and the ability to do what it takes. Change has to be something you want, not something someone else wants for you or something you think you should do. You have to really wanna!

To make something sticky (the ability to stick with it), make sure it is something you want, something that is more compelling than what you are currently doing and that the change is your idea. Wait until you are truly ready to commit to the change and then go for it.

When you begin to create the change, don't go for perfection. Any change takes time. It will be easier to stick with it if you allow yourself to follow the process and ease into the change. Start off slow and build up to the ability to stick with it out of habit, not force.

Change is challenging. Even positive change such as having a baby or starting a new job requires that we stretch our comfort zone. Before you embark on any change, make sure you are ready to see it through and stick with the process until the change becomes a reality. Give yourself a time limit, such as three months, a year or maybe longer. Making a commitment to the change will support you in sticking with it and seeing it through.

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