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You can find dozens of great motivational quotes all over the Internet, but it would take hours and maybe even days of research before you find what you need. And you won't find quotes by Coach Lee all over the Internet. You have to search high and low for those.

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Reason #1: My e-zine "365 Days of Coaching" includes quotes from me, and many readers tell me they really enjoy the quotes and some say it is their favorite section (in fact it was suggestions from readers that I compile a quote book of just my quotes that inspired me to create this quotes book).

Reason #2: Many of the subscribers to my newsletter tell me my quotes are motivating and inspiring, and often they print them out and hang them in their office or home.

Reason #3: My subscribers are also my best sounding board. They let me know when a quote is great and when it isn't!

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101 amazing quotes by Coach Lee will be inspired and motivated
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...perfect for speeches, skits, presentations, school projects, personal letters, parties and celebrations, scrap booking, home-made greeting cards, as a birthday gift to a quotes lover, for the book you are writing, to share in Internet discussion groups, or just for a good laugh. (just remember to, well, quote me!)
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Don't take my word for it.
Listen to what others say.

The quotes, the stories, the personal thoughts I carry with me throughout the day.

What I really find amazing is that Rachelle knows just what I need to hear every day. How does she do it? The quotes, the stories, the personal thoughts I carry with me throughout the day.

Christine Zeiler,
Director of Children's Ministry
Calvary Baptist Church
6500 E. Girard
Denver, CO 80224


Pithy quotes - every day!

Coach Rachelle's readers get a year's worth of insights, good advice, coaching, and pithy quotes - every day!

Michele Bartlett
Office Manager
Denver, Colorado

One of Rachelle's most helpful quotes I have kept and hung on the wall over my desk

One of Rachelle's most helpful quotes I have kept and hung on the wall over my desk - the seemingly paradoxical suggestion that "If you are behind, perhaps you should slow down."

Susan K. Garrison, Esq.
Executive Director,
The Center Foundation;
Mentoring Consultant


I love your quotes

"I really look forward to seeing which creative topic you'll write about next, and I love your use of quotes as a way of anchoring the daily message."

Kathleen Bren
Life Coach, Speaker and Workshop Facilitator

You get at least 10 times your money's worth!

I spent hours combing through more than 500 back issues of my electronic newsletter to find the best quotes.

I spent days going through my files to see what other quotes I had stashed away.

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101 amazing quotes by Coach Lee
Quotes are divided into alphabetized categories
101 quotes in all, 100 percent G-rated
The e-book is in electronic format - ready for you right now

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Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! In addition to the outstanding quotes, you will also receive these Free Bonuses:

1. A list my favorite quote sites on the Internet
People are always asking me where I get my quotes. Well, I am ready to let you in on the secret and share my favorite quote sites with you.

2. A list of my favorite quote books - the ones I can't live without
As an additional bonus, I will share with you my favorite quotes books I couldn't live without!

3. 365 Days of Coach Lee Quotes
Wow! You read that right. With your purchase of "Quote Me, I Said It" you will receive a quote from Coach Lee delivered every day for a year. This could be a product on its own, but I am including it with the quotes book to help you stay motivated and inspired every day!

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Rachelle Disbennett Lee, PhD
The Action Advocate
Publisher of 365 Days of Coaching

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